Specializing in the Recruitment of Degreed Professionals with Evident and Non-Evident Disabilities

The Sea Glass Group is a privately held professional search firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.  What distinguishes us in the industry is that we specialize in the recruitment of top talent from among the ranks of college and advanced degreed professionals with evident and non-evident disabilities.

We have developed a selective identification and recruitment process designed to ensure a custom fit with our client's needs and the candidate's qualifications.  Our searches, by design, span multiple industries and disciplines; placements range from upper and mid level management positions for established professionals, to career building leadership positions for recent college graduates.

At a time when the battle for top talent is so critical to the success of an organization, companies cannot afford to unnecessarily restrict their ability to attract and retain the very best employees.  At The Sea Glass Group, we are confident that when corporate America views the qualifications and credentials of professionals with disabilities through a strong and clear business lens, they will accelerate the inclusion of these individuals into their organizations.

Leadership moves in different ways