Our Passion and Our Purpose


The Sea Glass Group was born out of a passion inspired by the career challenges faced by a family member who had acquired a mobility impairment as the result of an illness.   The passion was to create a ground breaking search firm that would focus on a gold mine of under leveraged talent - degreed professionals with disabilities.  Our mission is to strengthen our client organizations by placing these talented individuals in executive, management, and career building leadership positions across multiple industries.

Whether it's an established professional trying to reenter the workforce after an accident, illness or injury, or a recent college graduate with a disability, our research showed that even with the highest of qualifications, t
his group of candidates represents a vital and strategic resource that has been overlooked by the traditional search firms. 

We recognize the critical need for a private sector search firm to promote the credentials, experience and education of these professionals.  The Sea Glass Group exists because it's time to shine a light on these accomplished candidates and give them a competitive opportunity to participate in the leadership of corporate America.


For any one of us, life can change in a moment.  It can be an accident or an illness, and suddenly, physical abilities are compromised.  For others, it can be the challenge of living with a disability from the moment of birth.

Beyond their educational and career experiences, professionals with disabilities come to their fields well prepared for the toughest of challenges.  They are risk takers and  problem solvers.  Their contribution to the workplace is transformational.